Frequently asked questions

On our dolphin cruises passengers may get wet. Therefore dress accordingly and leave all valuables in a safe location on dry land. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged valuables due to exposure to the elements or being lost overboard.

Sea Racer is a large, stable speed boat that sits high above the water, however depending on the weather conditions, you may get wet. Passengers are advised to put valuables in a safe location on days when conditions are likely for getting wet. 

We suggest bringing the following:

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • A bag or case to keep your phone and/or camera dry and protected from the spray
  • Beverages, snacks, cocktails, etc. in a small soft sided cooler that fits in your lap

Please do NOT bring the following items as they are not allowed on board:

  • Strollers
  • Car seats
  • Hard coolers
  • Glass containers
Yes, our captains and mates are happy to take a picture of you and your friends with your phone or camera.

Our boat does have a ramp up to the boat and then onto the boat. We cannot put a wheel chair on the boat. If a wheel chair is needed to get to the boat, someone must be able to help the person onto the boat and they must be able to sit in one of the seats on their own. The chair may be stored in our office until the return from the boat.

The dock to the boat is fairly long to walk on. Guests are welcome to come and look at the dock and ramp if they wish. We try to accommodate our guests’ needs as much as possible to make your experience on Sea Racer a good one.

There is plenty of public parking along Mineola Ave and a public parking lot near the Sea Racer Ticket office. Please arrive 30 min prior to departure to allow time for parking and check-in because we leave promptly on schedule.
Due to the fast, sometimes bumpy nature of the Sea Racer tour, you must remain seated until the captain gives the okay to move around the boat. Passengers may move around freely anytime the boat is going slow to get a better view of the scenery and to watch the dolphins play behind the boat.

The following guests should refrain from riding Sea Racer Tours.

  • Those with heart conditions
  • Pregnant women
  • Those with neck and/or back problems
  • Those with mobility issues
Sorry, all children must be accompanied by a purchasing adult.

You bet! Hats, shirts, and bags are sold at the ticket office.

Water and soda are sold on the boat.

Living in the tropics, we tend to get a lot of rain. Therefore free rain ponchos are available at the ticket office.